Dream of Living in Italy: Real Estate + Move to Italy

Do you dream of living in Italy? Maybe buying a villa in Italy and retiring to the countryside, or renting an apartment in Rome and settling in as an American expat in Italy?  There are no restrictions on who can buy property in Italy, although foreigners find it can be a frustrating process, filled with plenty of paperwork and endless negotiations. Finding the right people to help you buy real estate in Italy is key. And definitely weigh the pros and cons before taking on a renovation project a la Frances Mayes and Under The Tuscan Sun. Whether you are purchasing property or not,  if you’re planning to in Italy six months or longer, you will need a permesso di soggiorno per dimora (residency permit). You guessed it, more paperwork ensues.  But still there’s a reason thousands of foreigners each year make the move to Italy — the chance to live la dolce vita.

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