Italian Ancestry + Italian Citizenship


Between 1876 and 1924, about 4.5 million Italians left their native land to settle in the United States, with arrivals from Italy peaking between 1901 and 1910. Italians also immigrated in droves to countries such as Canada, Australia, Brazil and Argentina. If you’re an American, there’s a one in 10 chance that you have some Italian blood. Genealogy is hotter than ever, with a recent survey showing that 73% of Americans want to trace their roots. Whether you’re just curious about your Italian heritage, plan to visit the ancestral hometown in Italy or even want to pursue dual citizenship with Italy, we have the information you need. (Photo courtesy of Maria DiCristina)

Watch Kathy McCabe’s ancestry journey on the Castelvetere sul Calore episode of Dream of Italy on PBS

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