Season 3 Travel Guide: Episode 3.06 Black Madonna with Marisa Tomei

This is an excerpt for Episode 6: The Black Madonna with Marisa Tomei from the Dream of Italy Season 3 Travel Guide. Get your own PDF copy here.

Kathy has a deep familial connection to the Madonna delle Grazie and the region of Campania. Her grandfather left Castelvetere sul Calore a century ago but often sent funds from his new life in America in allegiance to the Virgin Mary. A land of symbols and signs, devotion and dedicated faithful followers, Campania’s Madonnas are a part of the region’s cultural identity. Actress Marisa Tomei joins Kathy to explore their shared ancestral territory and to connect with the palpable spirituality and rituals of the zone. Castelvetere’s Madonna delle Grazie, Moiano’s Madonna della Libera, and Montevergine’s Mamma Schiavona are powerful, Earthside interpretations of the Blessed Mother, and are fervently revered and celebrated.

In this episode, we show you: