8″ x 10″ Florence Duomo at Christmas Watercolor Print


**You may purchase this print on its own here on this page but if you would like one for yourself, you should consider a membership to Dream of Italy which includes this print mailed to you as a bonus or if you purchase a gift membership, this print will be mailed to the recipient as part of the gift package.**

We are thrilled to share a bit of the Italian holiday spirit with you with this EXCLUSIVE 8″ x 10″ print of Florence’s Duomo at Christmas by the very talented Lisa Brancatisano of This Tuscan Life. Lisa lives and works in Florence and you can see by her incredible detail, especially on the Duomo’s facade, that she has spent so much time studying this stunning building.

Each time you look at this print, you will notice something new! How about the little brown terrier in the middle? The shine of the cobblestones? The ornaments on the Christmas tree? And again, my gosh, the detail on the Duomo. Lisa spent an entire week, full-time painting this watercolor. It will arrive ready for framing. The print has a natural white border on it.