DVD Set: Dream of Italy Travel Series Season One


This DVD set is for Season One only.

******The Season Two set can be purchased separately – click here. ****

Enjoy Dream of Italy (first seen on PBS stations around the country)  in the comfort of your own home with this two-DVD set featuring all six episodes of Season One. Join Italian travel expert Kathy McCabe, editor of the award-winning travel newsletter Dream of Italy, as she explores Tuscany, Rome, Umbria, Naples/The Amalfi Coast, Piedmont/Lake Iseo and Puglia. Meet Italy’s colorful locals — chefs, artisans, historians — who are deeply connected to their land, carrying on and preserving the traditions of their ancestors. Enjoy thoroughly Italian experiences like the picking olives in Chianti, dancing the pizzica in Puglia and hunting for white truffles in Piedmont.

Also if you are buying other items from Dream of Italy, you may receive a recipe booklet bonus too!

Episode 1 – Tuscany
In the heart of Tuscany – Chianti – visit vineyard that not only produces famous Chianti Classico but who makes modern art a part of their mission. Nearby, join an olive harvest and meet cashmere-producing goats. Then it’s a wild (in more ways than one) boar hunt with a celebratory dinner with butcher Dario Cecchini. Off to Maremma, we ride with the last remaining Tuscan cowboys (butteri.)

Episode 2 – Rome
This episode goes behind the scenes of the Eternal City starting with a lesson in the ancient Roman craft of mosaics.Then we are on a tour of one of Rome’s best delis and food markets. After lessons in how to make Cacio e Pepe, as well as gelato, we meet one of Rome’s noted street artists. Our visit to Rome ends with a grand ball.

Episode 3 – Umbria
Umbria has long loomed in the shadow of neighboring Tuscany but visits to Assisi and Perugia introducethe viewers to the incredible artisans and rich treasures of this region. We learn about stained glassproduction and textile weaving. There’s even a lesson in chocolate making at Perugia. Then we are off to the countryside to a goat farm, several vineyards and a lesson in foraging for wild greens

Episode 4 – Naples/The Amalfi Coast
Naples is famous for many thing, including coffee, pizza, fine tailoring and Christmas creches. We explore all of them. Traveling outside the city we climb to the crater of Mount Vesuvius and learn about very special vines that grow in its shadow. On the Amalfi Coast, we learn how to make limoncello, paper and a local seafood dish.

Episode 5 – Piedmont/Lake Iseo
Piedmont is the land of truffles and wine. We join a truffle hunt and attend the World Truffle Auction before heading to a local vineyard to taste some of the powerful “Bs” of Piedmont – Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera. Piedmont is also home to ancient healing hot springs. We also visit Lake Iseo in the region of Lombardy to see fine Italian boat making – from masters big and small – at Riva yachts and a small fishing boat maker on Monte Isola.

Episode 6 – Puglia
Puglia…a land of stone walls, gargantuan, gnarled olive trees and unusual cone-shaped stone houses. We explore the Baroque city of Lecce, riding through town in a classic car and learning about its tradition of paper mache artistry. An olive grove outside town, we learn to dance the pizzica. A local mama teaches us to make orecchiette (pasta) and we meet a model boat maker in Monopoli.

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