The 20th and newest region in the Italy, Molise was part of the neighboring region of Abruzzo until it separated in 1963 and became its own region in 1970. Located approximately 100 miles southeast of Rome and 56 miles northeast of Naples, Molise is a small region (the second-smallest in Italy, following the Valle d’Aosta) where green hills of the Apennine mountain range surround valleys cradled between forested peaks. In the eastern part of Molise lies the Adriatic Sea, where visitors can swim, relax on beaches, go boating and tour islands. Molise is a secret so well-kept that even seasoned travelers and most Italians have yet to visit. Its wildness and low profile lend it a sense of mystery — peer inside the villages and shops, and uncover a hidden region steeped in tradition and waiting to be discovered.

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