Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive

Premiering on PBS stations across the US, the pledge special/event Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive explores how Italy can change your life – whether adapting to the Italian lifestyle at home, traveling to Italy in a more meaningful way or deciding to move there. Dream of Italy host Kathy McCabe explores the 11 essential elements of the Italian lifestyle – the land, food, family, art & culture, beauty, pace of life, passion, movement, community, celebrations and sense of home– through the stories of full- and part-time expats Sting & Trudie Styler, Francis Ford Coppola, Under the Tuscan Sun author Frances Mayes, best-selling financial author David Bach, retiree Sally Carrocino and interior designer Arlene Antoinette Gibbs.

Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive will air as both a regular special but more importantly as a pledge special which means you can donate to your local public television station and receive incredible gifts like the companion book, exclusive extended DVD, Rosetta Stone Italian lessons and a sunflower charm from Delbrenna Jewelry in Cortona. Italian-American actor Joe Mantegna joins Kathy for the pledge breaks during the special. Distributed by American Public Television. For more information check out our FAQs page.

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The 90-minute pledge event of Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive begins airing on PBS stations in early June. Check the search box below.

The 60-minute special premieres on public television’s Create TV Saturday, June 26th at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Dream Of Italy


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Contact your local PBS station by phone or email if it is not airing Dream of Italy or if it doesn’t have it scheduled. They listen to viewers! Then check back again in a few weeks.

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