New Companion Book to PBS Special Gives Actionable Advice to Make Your Dream of Italy Come True

I came up with the concept for the PBS special Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive in 2019 before a pandemic was anywhere on the horizon. The TV special of course premiered this year and though I had no idea what would hit the world in between, I think the topic was right on time.

I am more convinced than ever that NOW is the time to make our dreams come true, big or small. Italy can often be the catalyst for life transformation. There was so much more to say than we could ever fit on TV. So, with the help of our incredible guests and experts, I wrote a 276-page companion book that will be released on November 24th.

As of TODAY, you can PRE-ORDER a signed paperback copy or PRE-ORDER a digital ebook version! These make great holiday gifts and will be delivered by the release date of 11/24! 

What is YOUR dream of Italy? To adopt the healthy Italian lifestyle at hometravel to Italy in a more meaningful way or even move to or retire in Italy? Then this book is for you as I explore 11 essential elements of the Italian lifestyle—the land, food, family, art & culture, beauty, pace of life, passion, movement, community, celebrations and sense of home—through the stories of full- and part-time expats musician Sting & his wife Trudie Styler, Hollywood director Francis Ford CoppolaUnder the Tuscan Sun author Frances Mayes (who also wrote the foreword to this book), best-selling financial author David Bach, retiree Sally Carrocino and interior designer Arlene Antoinette Gibbs.

I also profile Americans from all walks of life who have used their Italian travels to start their own Italian-inspired businesses or move to Italy. Through my own family story, readers understand how to investigate their Italian ancestry and possibly claim Italian citizenship jure sanguinis, providing an easy way to live and work in Italy. For those who dream of spending a sabbatical in Italy or moving to Italy full-time, Kathy talks to relocation and legal experts on everything from how to secure a visa to how to navigate healthcare to how to buy and renovate your dream Italian home. There are more than 80 pages devoted to how to move to Italy! Filled with anecdotes and practical tips, Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive—A Companion to the Public Television Special is a guide to living better the Italian way, to consider new possibilities for your life, which might include more time in Italy!

When you PRE-ORDER, I will personally sign your copy of the book (or the one you are giving to a loved one) with the inscription: Go for your dreams! Best, Kathy or, after you PRE-ORDER you can email me, within 24 hours, with the inscription that you would like. 

If you’re curious about what’s in the book, check out this excerpt, which includes the table of contents. I’m thrilled that you will also be able to read the always poetic and riveting words of Frances Mayes in the foreword. She blew me away with what she had to say about the book. 

Trust Kathy. Kathy knows best. She created the Dream of Italy television series, magazine, and book club—and now this book—out of her limitless passion and extensive knowledge of the most fascinating country on Earth. Kathy is never a voice from on high, directing you to see this and that. She’s a full-on participant wherever she goes. The three Ts: Travel. Transform. Thrive.  They’re seamlessly woven in this book, Kathy’s irresistible invitation to Italy. Buon viaggio!                                                                                                                                     —Frances Mayes

As with everything with Italy, the real meaning of it all comes back to the people! In this book, you will enjoy the expertise of people of all walks of life who have made their Italian dreams come true or who work with others to do so:

  • Sting & Trudie Styler, who own Il Palagio, producing wine, olive oil and more
  • Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun who lives in Cortona part-time
  • Francis Ford Coppola, who opened a hotel, Palazzo Margherita, in his ancestral hometown of Bernalda
  • David and Alatia Bach, who moved with their two sons to Florence for a “radical sabbatical”
  • Arlene Antoinette Gibbs, who moved to Rome and changed careers
  • Sally Carrocino, who retired in Florence after her husband passed away
  • Sheri Salata, former executive producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show, who now runs retreats in Italy
  • Michele Capecchi, Florence-based attorney who assists with visas and citizenship cases
  • Melanie Holtz, genealogist who helps those with Italian blood claim citizenship
  • Sean Carlos, American-born, licensed real estate agent in Italy who assists foreigners in buying property
  • Damien O’Farrell, relocation expert who has coached 10,000 people in moving to Italy
  • Debbie Travis, host of stunning retreats in Tuscany for women
  • Susan Gravely, whose company, VIETRI, imports Italian ceramics to the U.S.
  • William McCarthy and Liz Mayo, artists who host painting retreats in Italy
  • Becky Munson, creator of immersive group trips in Tuscany, living there part-time
  • Lynn Byczynski and Will Nagengast, who import heritage seeds from Italy
  • John Henderson, an American journalist who retired in Rome
  • Sarah Centrella, single mom and life coach, who made a family dream come true
  • Mary Gray, a young professional working and living in Florence
  • Valerie Fortney, rediscovered her roots in Basilicata and then moved there
  • Ashley and Jason Bartner, owners of an agriturismo in Le Marche
  • Michael Cioffi, who created a luxurious albergo diffuso in the Val d’Orcia
  • Glenn Main, executive coach who uses Italy as inspiration
  • And more!