(Digital/Ebook Version) Companion Book to PBS Special – Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive by Kathy McCabe, Foreword by Frances Mayes


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The PBS special Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive explores how Italy can change your life and this information-packed 276-page companion book provides a more detailed roadmap on how to adopt the healthy Italian lifestyle at home, travel to Italy in a more meaningful way or even move to or retire in Italy. TV host and author Kathy McCabe explores the 11 essential elements of the Italian lifestyle – the land, food, family, art & culture, beauty, pace of life, passion, movement, community, celebrations and sense of home– through the stories of full- and part-time expats musician Sting & his wife Trudie Styler, Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola, Under the Tuscan Sun author Frances Mayes (who also wrote the foreword to this book), best-selling financial author David Bach, retiree Sally Carrocino and interior designer Arlene Antoinette Gibbs.

Kathy also profiles Americans from all walks of life who have used their Italian travels to start their own Italian-inspired businesses or move to Italy. McCabe shares her own family story to help readers understand how to investigate their Italian ancestry and possibly claim Italian citizenship jure sanguinis, providing an easy way to live and work in Italy. For those who dream of spending a sabbatical in Italy or moving to Italy full-time, Kathy talks to relocation and legal experts on everything from how to secure a visa to how to navigate healthcare to how to buy and renovate your dream Italian home. Filled with anecdotes and practical tips, Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive – A Companion to the Public Television Special is a guide to making your own dream of Italy come true in big and small ways. Curious to learn more? Read an excerpt of the book!