Holiday Shopping Bonus: Dream of Italy PBS Special Recipe Booklet!

If you do some holiday shopping with Dream of Italy this season – whether for yourself or for gifts – we would love to give you a copy of the Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive Special Recipe Booklet. You may have seen it on PBS. It is filled with authentic Italian and Italian-American dishes from those who appear on the special, everyone from Francis Ford Coppola to Joe Mantegna, Frances Mayes and host Kathy McCabe.

This star-studded recipe booklet is not available for sale, only available via pledging your local station OR spending $100 or more this holiday season with Dream of Italy (you will receive the digital version via email) or if you spend more than $150, we will mail you a hard copy of the booklet.

You only need to have spent $100 or $150 on Dream of Italy memberships or products between October 25 and December 31, 2021. That’s anything purchased here on AND anything on our Teespring store AND our book on Add them up!

If you have one order that is more than $100 or $150, we will automatically email or mail the appropriate version of the recipe booklet. If you’ve purchased in several ways, i.e. a membership here on Dream of Italy and a book on Amazon – email the receipts to so we know to give you this wonderful gift!