How to Plan an Extended Stay or Move to Italy 2024 Edition ( Recorded with Workbook)


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Have you dreamed of spending more than a two-week vacation in Italy? Not sure where to start?

Do you think you might want to move to Italy in the future and want to learn more? Especially about visas, real estate and tax implications?

Are you single or planning an extended stay or move on your own? Did you know that many others like you have done it successfully? And that there are interesting adult study abroad and culture/co-working initiatives to give you a sense of community?

This virtual workshop is for anyone who DREAMS of spending more time in Italy. We go beyond the vacation to explore options in an extended stay (Americans can stay up to 90 days out of every 180 days without an additional visa) and what someone needs to consider in terms of a move.

Join Dream of Italy host and founder Kathy McCabe for a though-provoking, interactive 2-part virtual workshop with sessions via Zoom where she helps you define your nextDream of Italy” and explore the steps to get there. Kathy will be joined by legal, real estate and accounting experts to provide you with the most up-to-date details on your options. Among other guests will be American expats, live from Italy,  who have successfully become part-time and full-time residents of Italy. We will talk about how to plan an extended stay simply as a one-off experience OR as something of a taster or fact-finding trip to find out more about real estate and moving opportunities. So much exciting ground to cover!

Special guest for first session: Sean Carlos, American-born, Italian-licensed real estate agent based in Italy to talk about renting and buying property in Italy
Also joining us: Pamela Capper, former Bostonian who recently bought a house in Abruzzo (featured in our episode)

Special guest for second session: Nick Metta, Partner, Studio Legale Metta with offices in the U.S. and Italy to talk about visas, legal issues and taxes
Also joining us: Brad Allan, American who moved to Montepulciano and has been investing in short-term rentals

What’s Included:

  • Recordings of these two sessions for you to reference
  • Companion PDF workshop to go along with the workshop
  • Contacts and resources for legal, real estate and accounting assistance
  • Discount for future, more comprehensive workshop on extended/stay relocation topics

Again note that if you are a Dream of Italy member  this workshop is FREE to you, so join today!