Podcast Episode #3: Steve Born on Finding Serendipity in Italy

Should you take an escorted tour to Italy, plan a trip on your own or something in between? The age-old question when traveling to Italy. Luckily, travel industry insider Steve Born of Globus and Monograms has some answers.  Host Kathy McCabe and Steve talk about how you simply must make time for serendipity in Italy and how to do that. …

Flytographer Preserves Photos of Your Trip to Italy

Your trip to Italy is the dream of a lifetime…why not preserve it with more than selfies and iPhone pics on the fly. This great new service matches you with a professional photographer in your destination.

Cinecittà Rolls Out the Red Carpet in Rome

Italy’s most famous movie studio is just outside Rome and now offers guided tours (in English too) of movie sets, memorabilia and more. Learn why Rome is called “Hollywood on the Tiber!”

The Last Gondola Makers of Venice

Today, only about 400 gondola glide through the waterways of Venice, and each year, fewer are turned out by hand. A small group of specialized master boat builders working in historic boatyards now holds the craft–literally–in its hands.

Exploring Venice With Kids

Venice is a magical city and even more magical in the eyes of children. One of our favorite contributors, Rebecca Winke, takes her 9-year-old and 12-year-old to La Serenissima and reports back with some amazing finds including cooking classes for kids.

Cooking in Venice: Making the Sardine Dish Sarde in Saor

In the March 2013 issue, frequent Dream of Italy contributor Susan Van Allen recounted two incredible cooking classes in Venice. She asked both chefs to teach her to make a Venetian seafood delicacy. If you’re not planning on cooking in Venice, she tells us which Venice restaurants serve this classic dish. Updated 2018. When I booked this cooking class, I asked if …

Expo Milano 2015 Beckons Visitors to Milan

Expo Milano 2015 promises to be a dynamic event in every way, from its theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life to its permanent footprint on the urban landscape. Along with the Expo, there will be many special events in Milan and plenty of reasons to visit Milan in 2015.

When to Visit the Cinque Terre and Cinque Terre Events

The Cinque Terre are at their best during the shoulder seasons of summer. Late-April and May offer less crowds and cooler walking temperatures but the weather can be unpredictable. The second half of September and all of October are usually beautiful.