** NEW: Visit the Martelli Pasta Factory in Tuscany (Free Italy Travel Advice) **

I’m here in the town of Lari, in the shadow of a 12th-century castle, to see where the pasta many call “Italy’s best” is born. It’s certainly deemed the best by some of Italy’s most famous restaurants. La Pergola, Rome’s Michelin-starred restaurant, serves Martelli pasta. This pasta is a true artisanal product.

Molise: Italy’s Last Undiscovered Region

It would seem that every region of Italy has been fully explored and is brimming with visitors wanting to discover ancient history or escape to a countryside retreat — but, as ever, there is still more of Italy to uncover including the region of Molise.

5 Italy Travel Trends for 2014

What do Pope Francis, AirBnB, Italian citizenship, outdoor adventure and families have to do with each other? They are part of five Italy trends that are impacting travel in 2014.

Dine with the Local Italians with Le Cesarine + Pear Cake Recipe

I had been trying to attend a Home Food meal at a private home in Italy since I first learned of the organization in the winter of 2005. Somehow the stars never aligned until this past fall when a dinner in Florence fit perfectly in my schedule. And may I say, it was worth the wait?

Hip Venice Hostel Aimed at Baby Boomers

Generator in Venice is the first of a new generation of hostels that aim to serve Baby Boomers as much as young backpackers — offering a hip alternative place to stay in Venice.

Golf, Hogs and Family at a Tuscan Estate

A charming villa rental in Tuscany provides the base for a week of Tuscan adventures, from teeing up on a Tuscany golf course to meeting Cinta Senese pigs to making ravioli.

** NEW: The 10 Commandments for Planning An Italy Trip (Free Italy Travel Advice) **

I’d love to share 10 insights I’ve gained in how to plan ahead for the best trip to Italy imaginable. I call them the “10 Commandments of Italy Trip Planning.” Some are based on common sense, some are based on hard lessons but if you keep them in mind when planning, I know you will have a more enjoyable, more authentic trip.

New Hop-On, Hop-Off Vaporetto in Venice

You’ve probably seen the red hop-on, hop-off buses in Rome and other cities (there’s even now a hop-on, hop-off bus along the Amalfi Coast)…Perhaps it was only a matter of time before a hop-on, hop-off tourist boat came to the waterways of Venice. Earlier this month a hop-on, hop-off vaporetto service began on Venice’s Grand Canal. Vaporetto dell’Arte runs daily from 9 a.m. …