Cellular Abroad Review: Using a Cell Phone and MiFi Rental in Italy

Need to use a cell phone in Italy and wondering whether you should rent one or buy one? Scared of all of those overseas data charges for your iPhone? We test out Cellular Abroad’s cell phone options as well as MiFi, a mobile hotspot that can help you save big on data.

A Guide to Christmas Markets in Italy

We love Christmas markets in Italy. They aren’t just a great place to take care of holiday shopping. With their stalls lit up at night, the scent of mulled wine and pastries floating through the air, and lots of Italian families strolling about, their atmosphere alone makes them worth visiting!

Tour Molise with Molise Discovery

An enthusiastic duo, with years of experience in world travel and entertainment, are at the forefront of bringing tourism to “this
untouched land” – the region of Molise in central Italy.

Molise Travel Guide — Sites, Hotels, Dining

Molise is one of Italy’s undiscovered regions. In this guide, we tell you where to stay when you’re visiting and of course where to eat in Molise. We also give suggestions of Molise sites and culinary experiences in Molise.

How to Order Coffee in Italy

Ordering coffee in Italy can be daunting for the tourist or first time visitor, as there are so many Italian coffee choices to explore. Learn some basic Italian coffee terminology and hit your favorite Italian cafe.