In Search of the Modern Grand Tour of Italy

This article originally appeared in the December 2015/January 2016 issue of Dream of Italy. Updated 2018. Taking “a grand tour” sounds old-fashioned — and it truly is. Although the kind of leisurely, arts-focused weeks or months in Italy that many of us have only seen depicted in films like the 1985 Merchant-Ivory classic A Room with A View might sound romantic …

Visit Da Vinci’s Vineyard in Milan

Updated 2018. You can’t share a glass of wine with Leonardo da Vinci, but thanks to the efforts of some determined researchers, one day you may be able to drink a glass of wine produced from Leonardo da Vinci’s own vines. The artist’s personal vineyard in Milan, just across the street from the famed church of Santa Maria della Grazie …

Milan, Italy, for the First-Time Visitor

Milan isn’t necessarily on the top of everyone’s Italy travel wish list but if you are flying through Milan or there on business, here are some essential tips for the first-time visitor.

Some Italian Museums Are Indeed Open on Mondays

Guidebook listings might lead you to
believe that there’s nothing to do on a
Monday (lunedi)
in Italy. It’s true that many
museums–particularly the national museums
run by the state–close every Monday, but
privately run museums provide ample alternatives
for Italian art lovers.

My First Visit to Milan, Italy

When I came to Milan, I had
witnessed the contained chaos of Naples, the modern/ancient mix of Rome
and the artistic pride of Florence. Milan is a different animal from
them all.