What’s New in Italy in 2019

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There’s a saying that comes to mind when we think of Italy: “Everything old is new again.” Italy may be known for ancient ruins but its also a country of innovation and rediscovery. So indeed, there’s always something new in Italy, even if it is built upon a foundation of thousands of years.

Here are our picks for new or innovative experiences in Italy in 2019:

Matera: European Cultural Capital (all readers may access)
Piedmont Named Top Region to Visit in 2019 (all readers may access)
Venice Art Biennale (all readers may access)
Andrea Bocelli Adds Second Teatro del Silenzio Concert (all readers may access)
Ingres Comes to Milan (all readers may access)
New Ducati Theme Park To Open  (members only)
Celebrating DaVinci in Milan (members only)
Guess Which Italian Location Was Named European Wine City 2019 (members only)
Escher a Napoli: An Exhibit Not to Miss (members only)
Free Admission to Italian State Museums (members only)
Reviving Solomeo in Umbria (members only)
New Ticketing System at Florence’s Uffizi (members only)

And what’s new with Dream of Italy:

Launching Our Dream of Italy Book Club Via Facebook Live
The Dream of Italy Podcast Debuts in 2019 (Members Get First Listen to First Episode With Frances Mayes)
PBS Special Dream of Italy: Under The Tuscan Sun Premieres (Members Get Advance Online Screening)
Kathy McCabe Offers Personal Italy Travel Consultations