Rome Film Festival

Auditorium Parco della Musica Viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30, Rome, Italy

Rome's International Film Festival, with 80 films shown in five categories, has 50 judges awarding prizes of 200,000€ to the best film, best actor and best actress. The festival is free and should you desire a cinematic experience, you can purchase tickets for 5€. Dream of Italy is a membership website and award-winning travel publication publishing 170 issues since 2002. ...



Rome: Baroque Christmas Concert in Capuchin Crypt

Santa Maria Immacolata & Capuchins Museum Via Vittorio Veneto, Rome, Lazio, Italy

If you're looking for a unique and one-of-a-kind experience for the holidays in Italy (as if just being in the bel paese was not enough) then you should take a trip to Rome and visit the Church of Santa Maria Immacolata. This historical church is home to the beautifully haunting crypt of the Capuchin monks of the 17th century and ...


Rome: I Solisti dell’Opera, New Years Concert

All Saints Church Via del Babuino, 153, Rome, Italy

The excellent singers of the Filarmonica d'Opera di Roma offer an unforgettable performance. The orchestra and singers dress in 18th century costumes as they perform their solos both on New Years Eve and New Years Day. The event is at the All Saints Church, which offers an English-speaking community in Rome. Dream of Italy is a membership website and award-winning ...



Rome: Epiphania

St. Peters Via della Conciliazione, Rome, Italy

Each year in Rome, hundreds of people in medieval costumes walk along the avenue leading up to the Vatican carrying gifts for the Pope, who will then say a morning mass in Saint Peters.  Dream of Italy is a membership website and award-winning travel publication publishing 170 issues since 2002. Get a free issue to see what we are all ...



Rome: Fantafestival

Multisala Barberini Rome, Italy

Rome's Fantafestival is dedicated to fantastic and horror cinema. The location at Multisala Barberini is confirmed and so are the "Golden Bats" for the best picture and short in both the Italian and international categories. There will once again be the Z-Day, with a zombie-walk along the streets of Rome. Note: Dates have not been confirmed; please check the official ...


Rome: Miracle of the Madonna of the Snow

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore, 42, Rome, Italy

According to legend, in 352 AD, a rich and bored Roman gentleman experienced a vivid dream in which the Virgin Mary told him that a certain hill in Rome would be covered in snow in the morning, and that he should then use his money to build a church on that site. Being that Rome was deep in a steamy ...


Rome: Feast of San Lorenzo

Basilica di San Lorenzo Via Tiburtina, Rome, Italy

The martyrdom of San Lorenzo is celebrated in Rome with fireworks and celebrations throughout the area around his crypt on the Via Tiburtina, where he was killed in 258 AD. The patron saint of librarians, firemen, bakers, and other professions whose jobs involve fire and roasting, San Lorenzo's association with such incendiary professions is certainly a disturbing one -- His ...



It's the summer and in August many Italians are looking forward to Ferragosto which starts on August 15th. It's known as a two-week vacation period with roots in ancient Rome. When Emperor Augustus invented the feriae Augusti to mark the end harvest he also made it a moment that signified a period of well-deserved rest. Later, during the fascist regime, this ...


Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Italy

Unnamed Venue Bologna, Italy

Lace up those running shoes, get that last swig of water and be sure to get a good stretch in; the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is on again. The Italian branch of the organization hosts a series of events and workshops promoting good health and exercise leading up to a big race in efforts to raise money ...


Viterbo: Festa di Santa Rosa

Unnamed Venue Viterbo, Italy

If you happen to be in Rome on the third day of September, catch the train to Viterbo for the Festa di Santa Rosa, the festival of the city's patron saint. Thousands flock to see one hundred facchini, or strongmen, carry a 90-foot tall, four-ton macchina - an obelisk-shaped statue - of the Santa Rosa through the winding streets of ...