Alba: White Truffle Festival

Alba Alba, Piedmont, Italy

This fall festival in Piedmont features fine wines, exquisite wines, the rare and prized white truffle (that can only grow in nature) and much more to tempt the taste buds. Note: Pricing starts at 22€ and may vary depending on event. Admission ticket to the white truffle world market is included with purchase of any wine tasting experience, Food Moments ...



Turin: Cioccolatò

Piazza San Carlo Via Roma, Torino, TO, Italy

Attention all chocolate aficionados, supporters and enthusiasts: The annual chocolate fest in Turin known as Cioccolatò is back! This sweet treat has been enjoyed even by the Savoy royal court and this month-long event invites chocolate lovers to gather and participate in various labs and tastings including events for children. Hosting master chocolatiers from all over the country and highlighting ...



Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars)

Since 1993, vineyards all over Italy have opened their cellars on the last Sunday in May (or, in some regions, the first two days of June), encouraging direct contact with wine lovers. From tastings to tours in the vineyards, there will be many initiatives from the Alps to Mount Etna that will celebrate wine. Open Cellars has over time become ...