Editor’s Note: April/May 2023 Dream of Italy Issue

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Greetings from a rainy but invigorating spring here in Italy.

If you’re looking for a new destination in Italy, look towards Genoa.  One of the great maritime powers of the Mediterranean, this city is one of contrasts. Shadowy streets cross Genoa and end at the bright Ligurian sea. Busy seaports buzz a few blocks from tranquil pedestrian piazzas. Following a tragic collapse in 2018, a new bridge looms large as a reminder of both mourning and resilience.

Genoa is perhaps most famous for its masterpiece: pesto Genovese made with local-grown, fragrant basil. Frequent Dream of Italy contributor Kevin Raub covers it all and tells us where to see a master pesto maker at work and taste it for yourself.

Also in this issue, Kevin takes us to a very special place in the Veneto where river boats on the Brenta, aristocratic homes and Venetian aperitifs come together in a dream day.

Another feature I’m excited about is Jennifer Broome’s piece on magical Nostra Vita. I visited this winery years ago with a friend and still believe it to be unlike any other vineyard in all the land. A few months ago, I was having drinks with Jennifer in Denver and she mentioned she had recently visited and was as blown away as I had been. I asked her to share the story of Nostra Vita for this issue.

You may know that I am just as much, if not even more of, a dog person as I am an Italy person. In the next issue, you will be reading a special tribute to my late great pup Finney (as well as travel tips for taking your pup to Italy). In the meantime, our back cover story features an Italian dog who touched the hearts of many.

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–Kathy McCabe