Editor’s Note: August/September 2022 Dream of Italy Issue

This article originally appeared in the August/September 2022 of Dream of Italy.

I’m writing this editor’s letter from Italy where I have returned for a two-month stay after a long time away. You cannot imagine how good it feels to be back, something like a rebirth. Italy always amazes me in its ability to heal and transform. I’m filming new episodes for our PBS series and can’t wait to share those with you in 2023. 

I dedicated this issue’s Dream Day in Italy to one of the segments we filmed last week, a pilgrimage to Caiazzo in the province of Caserta to taste what many say is the world’s best pizza. I promise should you make the same journey you will not be disappointed. 

When I landed in August, I headed straight to my beloved Tuscany to explore new and new-to-me high-end places to stay. Friends, I have truly located three of the best: Borgo 69, Lupaia and Borgo San Vincenzo. While each is quite different from the others, they all embody a fresh and modern approach to Tuscan hospitality. Put them on your short list of accommodations for your next trip. 

While I’ve been spending time in Italy’s southern mountains, I am reminded that some 40% of Italy is covered by mountains. One of our favorite writers, Kevin Raub, has traveled north, to Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol to explore all this area, once part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. There’s something for everyone here including foodies, outdoor enthusiasts and museum goers. Kevin has curated an intriguing collection of mountain moments for all to enjoy.  

Finally, this is the actual 20th anniversary issue of Dream of Italy. I am still in shock that I have edited 18x editions of this publication. What is even more surprising is that in collaboration with so many excellent writers over the years, we have only begun to scratch the surface of this beloved land. 

I always welcome your feedback. Send me an email at kathy@dreamofitaly.com 

Kathy McCabe