February/March 2022: Where to Eat in Bologna, Lovers’ Tale, Italian Cheese Passion, Dream Day in Basilicata

Bologna Restaurants: Eating in Italy’s Culinary Cradle
If you are going to eat in one place in Italy, it must be Bologna. One of our favorite travel writers, Kevin Raub, author of numerous Lonely Planet guides, now lives in La Grassa and has shared five restaurants, from quick bites to Michelin-starred, to eat Bolognese favorites including tortellini, ragu, crescentine, truffles and much more. Dare you not to be starving after reading this feature!

Star-Crossed Love: Florence’s Own Romeo and Juliet
You know about the tragic lovers from Verona but do you know the story of Bianca Cappello and Francesco I de’ Medici? No? Grab a glass of wine and sit down to hear the tale of a runaway Venetian aristocrat and the heir to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. There are more twists and turns than a TV soap and historian and writer Chandi Wyant illuminates the life of a woman who showed agency and control over her life at a time when few women had any power.

Kristine Jannuzzi: Finding a Passion for Italian Cheese
This is the latest profile in our series about people who made their dream of Italy come true! Kristine found a passion for formaggio and has made a life in both New York and Florence exploring the culture and tastes of Italian cheese. We love a niche dream! She took the bold step of moving part-time to Italy at the height of the pandemic and even quarantined in a tower.

Dream Day in Italy: Angel’s Flight in Basilicata
What’s the most hair-raising, breathtaking thing you can do in southern Italy? Well, it might just be a zipline over one of the world’s most dramatic valleys. In this first installment of our new regular feature, Dream Day in Italy, the brave Valerie Fortney details the trip and other Italian ziplines that might make you remember you’re ALIVE!

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