Editor’s Note: October/November 2021 Dream of Italy Issue

This Editor’s Note originally appeared in the October/November 2021 issue of Dream of Italy. Members receive access to more than 180 back issues—if you’re not a member, join here

Fall feels magical in Italy. The palette of the countryside transforms into hues of yellow, gold and red. Italians bundle up in their cashmere scarves and signature puffy, quilted coats and enjoy their hometowns with very few tourists. The harvest of the country’s “green gold” (olive oil) has Italians out amongst the olive trees and manning the olive presses. 

In this issue we detail nine new things to experience in Italy these days. I particularly love telling the stories of the Italians behind these innovations. You met world-famous Renaissance man/butcher Dario Cecchini in the Tuscany episode of season 1 of Dream of Italy. During the pandemic, he came up with the idea for a panini food truck outside his shop. 

I’ve been a repeat customer of artist and jeweler Marina Calamai. I have purchased some of her Santo Spirito‑inspired jewelry for both author Frances Mayes and Sting and Trudie Styler’s publicist as thank you gifts! Marina is the brainchild behind a creative labyrinth and game that you can enjoy outside of Florence. 

Italophile-extraordinaire Fred Plotkin and I have crossed paths but hadn’t had a deep conversation until we talked about him writing this essay. We were both about to cry sharing what we miss most about Italy! I devoured his book Italy for the Gourmet Traveler, and I think you will find his essay compelling. 

Associate editor Elaine Murphy found the most moving quote for the back cover. You may not know the quote’s author, Olindo Guerrini, but he was an Italian poet known for being the de facto leader of the verismo movement, focused on realism in literature. Born in 1845, Guerrini grew up in Ravenna and worked as a librarian at Bologna University before publishing his poems. 

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—Kathy McCabe