Dream of Italy Leads Readers to The Butcher of Panzano

I love hearing feedback from subscribers when they use our articles to help them with their travels in Italy. We first wrote about “the Butcher of Panzano” Dario Cecchini in 2004 when he was becoming famous the world over as a Renaissance man with absolutely his lucious cuts of meat and a store worth a special pilgrimage. Earlier this year, our friend Judy Witts Francini wrote a terrific new article about how Dario has put truly Panzano on the map encouraging new stores and places to stay. (His sister is opening a bed & breakfast in the town.)

Subscribers Peggy and Boyd Rapp wrote to say that the article led them to Dario’s who was thrilled with the coverage (I later received a very nice thank you e-mail from Dario – what a gentleman.) Here is what the Boyds had to say:


Just wanted to let you know that we visited the artisan butcher, Dario Cecchini in Panzano as was published in your March 2010 “Dream of Italy” newsletter. We showed Dario the article and he immediately call his wife Kim (who originally is from California and thus speaks fluent English and Italian) to come over and meet us. We proceeded to show her the article and they were both so excited to read about what you had written. They particularly wanted to show the article to the rest of their family, because they have been trying to get them involved in the notoriety of the town.


They ushered us through the kitchen through a secret door (!) in the wall upstairs to the outside patio. We were greeted by a joyous chef and a helpful waiter. In the glorious sunshine and ambience, we enjoyed MacDarios and what was called a “Welcome” platter along with the best house wine-amazing! It was the kind of experience we were hoping to be a part of on our trip through Italy-spontaneous, local, and genuine. It made our trip! So, thank you, for sharing your experiences that we might also partake. Can’t wait to go back! Grazie! (Peggy is to the right of Dario in this photo.)


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