A Day of Truffles in Umbria

This is the second time I have had the chance to go truffle hunting – everyone should experience it. The first time was in Piedmont. I won’t even get into the rivalry over Piedmont vs. Umbria truffles. Our truffle hunter (tells you something about me that I can’t remember his name but remember the dog’s name!) and his dog Asia took us to a piece of land the hunter owns (it is fenced and locked) expressly for truffle hunting.

The truffle hunting crew: Bill Menard, Barbara Skinner, me, my mom, the hunter and Asia, Saverio Bianconi, Art Skinner, Richard Parke (also a DOI subscriber!), Suzy Menard.

Asia found about a dozen summer black truffles – they’re just ending their season – and a tiny white truffle.

This hunter is one of the many who sell their finds to Saverio Bianconi, who sells truffles to restaurants and incorporates them into his many wonderful truffle products.

Saverio’s wife Gabriella Bianconi led us in a tasting of various truffle varieties.

She also instructed us how to store and cook truffles.

Then we ate! This is polenta with truffles. Yum!

(I shot video of this whole experience and hope to share it with you in the coming weeks!)