Dream of Italy In-Depth Italy Travel Consultation


Purchase today and you may use your consultation anytime in next two years.

Who better to advise you on your trip to Italy than Dream of Italy founder and host Kathy McCabe! Ask Kathy anything about your upcoming trip and she will advise you where to go, what to do, who to meet, where to eat — you get the idea. This consultation is way more in-depth than our Highlights consultation. You will get 90 minutes total of Kathy’s time that can be combined with talking and research. The best way to spend it is to book an initial 30-minute chat (after completing Kathy’s questionnaire so she can get a good idea of your travel preferences and wants). Then Kathy can do some research and talk to her contacts and you can do a follow-up call to further plan your trip. This 90 minutes can be used however you want. If you are doing most of the planning, you can schedule several calls with Kathy throughout your process – one when you are first planning, one for her advice on your proposed itinerary that you’ve crafted yourself, one for ideas just before you leave.

The Dream of Italy In-Depth Consultation includes:

  • 30-minute initial phone consultation with Dream of Italy founder/PBS host Kathy McCabe (you will receive a questionnaire ahead of time so Kathy will be prepared for the places you want to talk about)
  • 60 minutes of additional time with Kathy (can be used for her research, talking to contacts, follow-up call)
  • one-year print/digital membership (or extension of current membership) to Dream of Italy including immediate access to 170 back issues, 10 issues in the coming year and bonus Tuscan Sunflower Pendant from Delbrenna Jewelry Cortona, packaged in a beautiful velvet pouch ($97 value)
  • referral to one of Kathy’s trusted travel planners to book your trip

If this is a gift, please include a note or contact us after checkout to make sure we have all of the details. We will send out a gift package with letter and Tuscan Sunflower Pendant per your instructions.