Terni (Umbria): St. Valentine’s Celebration

Located in the southern portion of Umbria, the town of Terni, whose cathedral St. Valentine rests in, hosts a monthlong festival of events related to the patron saint of love. Events include special masses, art exhibitions, concerts, poetry readings, sporting events, and fireworks. The St Valentine Marathon will be held on February 19 (http://www.maratonadisanvalentino.it/). Access 160 Issues of Our Award-Winning Travel ...


Perugia: Eurochocolate Festival

Unnamed Venue Perugia

For the chocolate lover in all of us...For nine days Perugia, the capital of the region of Umbria, transforms itself for the occasion in a huge open-air chocolate store. Enjoy chocolate everything -- even pasta -- in a fair set up in the streets of the city center. This event is free. Dream of Italy is a membership website and award-winning travel ...


Gubbio (Umbria): Corso dei Ceri (Running of the Candles)

Unnamed Venue Gubbio

One of Italy's oldest and weirdest traditions, Corso dei Ceri, or "Running of the Candles," takes place once a year on May 15th in the picturesque Umbrian town of Gubbio. Three "candles" (actually 30 foot-high wooden pillars) crowned with statues of saints are paraded around the town by "ceraiuoli" and then run up the streets of Gubbio to the Basilica of ...


Spello (Umbria): Flowering Windows, Balconies and Alleys

As if the the intimate vie in Italy couldn't get any more charming, the streets in the historic center of the quaint town of Spello in Umbria are filled with flowers for the infiorata di Spello. Residents decorate their window sills, balconies, staircases, alleys and corners in a blossoming botanical display for everyone to enjoy all leading up to the main ...


Gubbio Crossbow Tournament

Piazza Grande Piazza Grande, Gubbio

Every May since 1594, on the last Sunday of the month, the towns of Gubbio and Sansepolcro have competed against each other with crossbows. A nod to Italy's medieval past, the competitors dress up in period costumes and battle to win a gold, silver, or bronze crossbow. Access 160 Issues of Our Award-Winning Travel Publication. Get Insider Help Planning Your ...

Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars)

Since 1993, vineyards all over Italy have opened their cellars on the last Sunday in May (or, in some regions, the first two days of June), encouraging direct contact with wine lovers. From tastings to tours in the vineyards, there will be many initiatives from the Alps to Mount Etna that will celebrate wine. Open Cellars has over time become ...

La Bruna (Umbria): Festa Della Battitura

Zona Impianti Sportivi Pierantonio, Umbria

Italians love a reason to party and this is evident in their festas celebrating the most obscure of objects, like in the small town Pierantonio, where they celebrate the Battitura. This is the farming machine that cuts and collects hay. You can find these machines in mid to late June moving through golden shimmering fields. They honor this machine for ...


Umbria: Assisi Lavender Festival

Castelnuovo di Assisi Via dei Laghetti 15 , Castelnuovo di Assisi

A wonderful celebration in Umbria to mark the seasonal blossoming of fragrant lavender on the fields of Lavandeto di Assisi, a garden and breeding ground famous for its vast and varied collection of lavender plants. Threads and materials of many colors can be produced from the plants, and during the festival there will be basket making courses and a small ...


Spoleto (Perugia): Two Worlds Festival

Unnamed Venue Spoleto

The Two Worlds Festival of opera and art in Spoleto hosts quality classical music performances, ballet, theatre, and art exhibits all over the town. The festival's original organizer, Gian Carlo Menotti, intended for the festival to showcase American and Italian worlds coming together through art, dance, and music. Dream of Italy is a membership website and award-winning travel publication publishing 170 issues ...


Perugia: Umbria Jazz Festival

Unnamed Venue Piazza Danti 28, Perugia

Jazz lovers from all over the world converge on the city of Perugia, in Umbria, for performances, seminars and workshops at one of Europe's best-known jazz festivals and by renowned musicians. This is an event not to miss for jazz lovers! Ticket prices vary by performance. Dream of Italy is a membership website and award-winning travel publication publishing 170 issues since ...