Florence: Taste Festival

Fortezza da Basso Viale Filippo Strozzi, 1, Florence

From balsamic vinegar to salumi to cheese, merchants of all kinds of Italian food and beverage products gather at Taste to give visitors a comprehensive sampling of Italy.

Florence Half Marathon

Florence Florence

If you've ever wanted to run past the Duomo, this half marathon is for you. There's also an 8km race and a charity walk for non-runners.

Firenze dei Bambini

Florence Florence

This festival includes more than 100 events for children and families. Note: Dates have not been confirmed; please check the event website for updates.

Florence: Calcio Storico

Piazza Santa Croce Florence

Calcio Storico, a 500-year-old sport described as a cross between football (soccer), rugby, and boxing, dates back to the 1500s. Today, three games are held in June -- two semifinals and a final match -- to correspond with St. John's Day, the Patron Saint of Florence. Four teams of 27 people, to represent the four districts of Florence, also represent ...

Florence Cocktail Week

Florence Florence

Florence's Cocktail Week highlights specialty cocktails at more than 20 bars across the city and Tuscany. Cheers! Note: Dates have not been confirmed. Check the event website for updates.

Goblets of Stars

Goblets of Stars (Calici di Stelle) is a wine event held annually across Italy on the night of and the week leading up to the Feast of San Lorenzo, a night that is historically lit up with shooting stars, interpreted as the tears of San Lorenzo. Evening concerts, parades, and events celebrating wine are held in piazzas across the country. ...



It's the summer and in August many Italians are looking forward to Ferragosto which starts on August 15th. It's known as a two-week vacation period with roots in ancient Rome. When Emperor Augustus invented the feriae Augusti to mark the end harvest he also made it a moment that signified a period of well-deserved rest. Later, during the fascist regime, this ...


Florence: Rificolona (Lantern Festival)

Florence Florence

Though the origin of this colorful celebration is disputed, many believe Rificolona began as a celebration on the eve of the Feast of the Madonna, the nativity of the virgin. It is said that villagers would start their pilgrimage before the break of dawn to the city of Florence on the eve of her birthday. They relied on their lanterns, ...


Artigianato e Palazzo Artisanal Handicrafts Show

Giardino Corsini via Della Scala 115, Florence

The Artigianato e Palazzo Artisanal Handicrafts Show displays quality handmade crafts from more than 80 talented artisans, including woodcarving, glass blowing, jewelry, millinery, and shoemaking. The event will be held in Palazzo Corsini in Florence. Note: Dates have not been confirmed; please check the event website for updates. Access 160 Issues of Our Award-Winning Travel Publication. Get Insider Help Planning Your ...


European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days began in France in 1954 as a way to celebrate the European continent. Celebrations are arranged across Italy, with different themes for each country every year. Free admission to museums, archaeological sites, concerts and theater invite Europeans and visitors to discover the heritage and culture of Italy. Note: Dates have not been confirmed; please check the event ...