April/May 2024: Napoli: Some Like it Hot, The Colors of Lake Trasimeno, Dream Day Under Rome

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Napoli: Some Like it Hot

Contributing writer Kevin Raub explores  captivating Naples from the viewpoints of expert guides, locals and his own life experiences. A main focus? Well, food of course,  espresso, pizza, and a special kind of lasagna surprisingly different from the lasagna of his adopted hometown, Bologna. Kevin encounters the nuances of Naples through the locals who share a joke, infinite laundry lines and the crazy traffic. Don’t even think of planning a trip to bella Napoli without  reading this article which is also filled with practical suggestions of where to stay and eat and what to do.

The Colors of Lake Trasimeno

Writer fellow wire fox terrier lover Fay Henson shares where to experience the vibrant colors of Lake Trasimeno on the edge of Umbria and Tuscany, an area the novelist is lucky to call home. Fay gives us her picks on where to dine on fresh lake fish and take in the views of the three main islands spotted around the body of water. Get her tips on what to see on each island and where to rent the popular e-bikes to zip around the lake on two wheels.

Sperlonga: Buried Treasure on the Tyrrhenian Coast

This tiny town between Rome and Naples was once a luxurious escape for Roman emperors. Elaine Murphy shares where to see sculptures that tell magnificent mythological stories and where to explore the ruins of elegant seaside dining rooms and estates. Thanks to digital innovations, mapping of the archaeological area puts viewers inside the ancient scenes and assists with visualizing the grandeur of the area in eras long gone.

Dream Day in Italy: Exploring Rome’s Underground City of Water

Millions of tourists visit the Trevi fountain each year but now you can go deeper into discovering what fuels the fountains powerful water supply. The Vicus Caprarius nicknamed “the City of Water” below the famous fountain is open to visitors for a fascinating perspective on one of the world’s most famous sites.

Naples’ Favorite Character: Pulcinella

All over the city of Naples you will see a figure of a man in a white slouchy outfit and black mask. Get a quick glimpse at who Pulcinella is and why he is a solidified staple of Neapolitan culture.

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