Season 3 Travel Guide: Bisenti Abruzzo

This is an excerpt for Episode 2: Americans Moving to Abruzzo from the Dream of Italy Season 3 Travel Guide. Get your own PDF copy here.

Pamela Capper moved to the town of Bisenti, nestled between the sea and Gran Sasso National Park for its clean air and welcoming feel. During the first weekend in October, thousands of people flock here to celebrate the Montonico Wine Festival, an ancient grape varietal. The town comes alive with food and wine, traditional costumes, music and dancing and a parade. 

Besides winemakers, artisans such as chocolatiers and street muralists lend the town a creative vibe. Find out more about the winemaking process at the Museo del Montonico, open on weekends. 

Pamela’s real estate agent, Manolo Lupinetti from Abruzzo Country Houses, is among the professionals assisting buyers with everything from purchasing a home to renovating it and filing all the necessary paperwork and permits with the town. For more information, visit