Excerpt: Venice’s Culinary (and Cocktail) Renaissance

If you’re like me, you are always looking for a new spot to eat or drink in Venice. Happy to have the reliable old favorites, I crave a new Venetian culinary experience and knew just who to turn to for the scoop – local guide, podcaster and culinary expert Monica Ceserato who wrote the latest issue’s cover story. Here is an excerpt of two of her recommendations!

Cocktail Culture Revival at La Biblioteca
As evening descends, the bustling streets gradually quiet down, leaving room for the rhythmic echoes of patrons’ footsteps as they seek out the city’s most sophisticated cocktail bars to indulge in a nightcap.

La Biblioteca cocktail bar is a tribute to typographic art and ancient Venetian printing presses, with a library housing more than 4,000 volumes. The room, with its enticing mixes and the opulent shelves, showcases a ceiling adorned by a fresco crafted by the artist Simon Buret, where the artist skillfully depicts the vast expanse of a marine environment, intricately woven with details that evoke the essence of Venice.

The ambience within Nolinski is characterized by the presence of round marble and brass tables, encircled by strategically placed armchairs and poufs, affording guests the flexibility to orient themselves either toward the grand piano positioned to the left of the entrance or the illuminated bottle rack.Art takes center stage within this space, inviting guests to immerse themselves in literary delights while indulging in the sophisticated pleasure of sipping a glass of whisky. In a dreamlike setting, the beverage menu not only showcases the classics created by skilled bartenders but also an entire section exclusively dedicated to the enchanting Venetian islands. This distinct section reflects a commitment to utilizing authentic Italian products, adding a touch of regional flair to the diverse array of offerings. It is a destination worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime, a chance to immerse oneself in the realms of both contemporary art and the artistry of mixology.

Elevating the Epicurean Experience at La Sete

As the sun sets over the iconic canals of Venice, a new era of dining emerges, marked by the arrival of exquisite high-quality restaurants that have sprung to life in the last three years.

Just steps from the renowned Da Rioba restaurant on Calle Larga in Cannaregio is Osteria La Sete, an inviting spot to pause and indulge in a glass of wine complemented by cicchetti and authentic local cuisine. Owned by the same proprietor as Ostaria Da RiobaLa Sete greets its patrons with a curated array of national and international wines alongside creatively reimagined renditions of traditional local fare.

La Sete, meaning “the thirst,” is the perfect name for this wine bar established in 2021. It offers a secluded ambiance along the little alleyway originating from Fondamenta della Misericordia, providing the perfect setting for enjoying a drink. The interior seamlessly blends elements of modern design with a touch of old-world charm, striking a balance between formal and casual. Bottles of wine are artfully displayed throughout the space, but it is the blackboard that commands attention to ensure you catch the latest pour. Additionally, guests can indulge in delectable bites selected directly from the counter. Their version of the famous saor, the sweet & sour ancient Venetian cooking technique used to preserve fish and vegetables, is to die for, especially when presented with the unusual duck, a cicchetto called anara in saor.



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