August/September 2023: Milan, Marriott Nights, A Fox Terrier’s Adventures in Italy

Milan Misunderstood by Design
The fashion capital of Italy (and therefore the world?) is also home to goliaths of Italian business. Milan is not a city overflowing with Roman ruins and ancient buildings or Renaissance architecture around every corner. Milan is new and thriving and only getting better. To have your finger on the pulse of this city is to be at the forefront of Italian and international trends. Fashion models moonlight as bartenders and international cuisine is plentiful here, more so than in any other Italian city. Milan is different and deserving of its growing adoration.
Plus: Where to Stay in Milan and a peak at Italy’s Little Tibet

Marriott Nights In & Around Milan
Check out these spots for the perfect stay near and around Milan’s airports for some rest before or after a long journey. These hotels are a part of the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program and are comfortable and quiet. A spa within steps of the airport arrivals gate? A fine-dining experience within the airport grounds? Editor Kathy McCabe shares how stellar guest services set these hotels apart and make for enjoyable, if brief stays.

A Fox Terrier’s Adventures in Italy
This year, Editor Kathy McCabe lost her beloved travel companion, Phineas Orazio McCabe. Before his passing, this rockstar of a dog lived an adventure-filled life, traveling multiple times around Italy with Kathy, rubbing elbows (paws?) with Italian VIPs and making friends wherever he went.
Plus: We have so much to say about traveling with your pet to Italy, we put it in a webpage exclusive. Check it out here.

Dream Day in Italy: Grotte di Castellana
Dip 200 feet underground beneath Puglia’s surface to explore the cave systems of the Grotte di Castellana. Accessible walking paths and stunning natural beauty make this detour from the usual Puglia tourist stops worth the trip.

Milan’s Beloved Madonnina
Discover the song “O Mia Bela Madunina”- a heartfelt anthem to Milan’s highest statue.

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