April/May 2023: Genoa Guide, Montalcino Vineyard, Dream Day in Veneto

Darkness and Light: The Two Sides of Genoa
Genoa’s medieval center is shrouded in palpable dimness, its dense streets and caruggi – narrow medieval alleyways typical of Liguria – encapsulated by surrounding buildings that block sunlight from most angles. A square here and there is punctuated by pockets of sunlight, but even on a banner blue sky day, much of the Ligurian capital feels stuck in permanent eclipse mode. The unique atmosphere is at once curiously disconcerting and immediately captivating.
Plus Pesto Bonanza, Boccadasse Break, A Phoenix Rising and Where to Stay in Genoa

Blending Art and Wine at NostraVita in Montalcino
Wine connoisseurs are always looking for the next great discovery and this boutique winery fits the bill. NostraVita is so small they typically only accept guests by word of mouth but Jennifer Broome takes us inside and tells us why this is a must-visit on your next trip to Tuscany. 

Dream Day in Italy on the Brenta Riviera
Between the 15th and 18th centuries, aristocratic wealthy Venetian families laid down roots in the form of ville venete (Venetian villas) along the Naviglio del Brenta, a branch of the Brenta river. This makes a wonderful place to explore by boat. 

A Fido, Esempio Di Fedeltà
One Tuscan town still remembers a once stray dog who showed the utmost loyalty to his new owner…

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