Editor’s Note: February/March 2023 Dream of Italy Issue

This Editor’s Note originally appeared in the February/March 2023 Issue of Dream of Italy. Members receive access to more than 190 back issues—if you’re not a member, join here.  

I was very randomly led to re-visit Lago di Garda just a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be more grateful. In this issue, you will read my review of Lefay Resort & Spa, which is a luxurious and relaxing excuse to visit this gorgeous lake. If you love beauty—it is everywhere on this lake—castles, nature, water (lake and thermal springs), then Lake Garda needs to be on your next itinerary. 

It is hard not to cover Tuscany on a regular basis and for our “Dream Day,” we go to the Arezzo Antiques Fair, well worth planning into your travels. You never know what you might find. 

We also visit Cortona. You do know it was made famous by a house, Bramasole, owned by Ed and Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun, which also became a hit movie. But you may not know that the house in the movie is actually Villa Laura and not the real Bramasole. The great news is that you can rent out the movie villa as my friend Jennifer Broome did. While in Cortona, she also discovered a lovely and affordable B&B to recommend. 

Associate Editor Danielle Abbazia lives in Rome and the Città dell’Altra Economia in the neighborhood of Testaccio is near and dear to her heart. Danielle spends every Sunday at this farmers market with her kids as they explore the grounds, snack and paint whimsical sculptures at Perfareungioco

Our current new membership/renewal bonus is a set of Sprout pencils, the only plantable pencils! We chose basilico (basil), pomodoro ciliegino (cherry tomato) and my favorite flower, girasole (sunflower) seeds. If you receive these pencils, we thought you could use them to plant the seed of your dream of Italy by writing it on the back cover. 

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-Kathy McCabe