Members Only: Ask Kathy McCabe Your Personal Italy Travel Questions

I am always looking for ways to improve the Dream of Italy Membership – of course the magazine and archive of 195+ back issues is at the center of that – and I am introducing a new benefit: a chance to ask me your personal travel questions on a regular basis! Need a recommendation of a charming place to stay in Lake Como? Looking for a week-long cooking school in Tuscany? What about a great tour guide for Palermo? Or Pisa?  Here’s how the new Dream of Italy Travel Chat – for members only- will work:

  • Our first chat took place in April. Our next one is Monday, June 19th! (Days and times for the Italy Travel Chat will vary each time so that members from around the world can participate!)
  • As a member, you can submit your question ahead of time. I will answer as many as possible LIVE during the chat. (When you log in, you will see a brown button that says “Submit Questions for June 19th Travel Chat”)
  • I will also present for a few minutes about a timely travel topic and what’s in the latest magazine issue and how to better understand use the DOI magazine archive!
  • Every member who attends the Dream of Italy Travel Chat in real time will have a chance to win a big travel-related prize! Makes it more fun doesn’t it?!
  • The Dream of Italy Travel Chat will also be recorded and available with time stamps for members to reference in the future!

Want to get in on the fun? If you’re a member, look for an email invitation and request for questions for June! If you’re not a memberjoin now to be invited.  — Kathy McCabe