December 2022/January 2023: Viareggio, Adult Study Abroad in Molise, Porchetta Dreams

Viareggio: A Pearl on the Tyrrhenian Sea
Have you been to Tuscany’s Versilia Coast? If not, you have been missing out. Art historian and local resident Paola Vojnovic takes us to this Art Nouveau town on the sea, where Carnevale is a revered time of year and a seaside passeggiata is a feast for the senses. This is your new favorite destination in Tuscany!

Meet the Patalani Siblings of Viareggio Plus Recipe: Fritelle di Riso
One of the Patalani brother-sister duo practices her art in interior design, the other makes masterpieces while baking. Enjoy this spotlight on Viareggio locals and enjoy their recipe for the popular sweet fried dough enjoyed during Carnevale season.

Where to Stay in Viareggio: Hotel Plaza e De Russie
As Viareggio’s oldest hotel, opened in 1871 and a favored destination on the Grand Tour by the likes of poet
Rainer Maria Rilke and composer Giacomo Puccini, Hotel Plaza e de Russie has maintained its seaside Art
Nouveau elegance with a modern palette. Editor Kathy McCabe and her dog Finney report in on why they love this hotel!

Taking A Chance on Molise
An American couple reads about incentives to move to Molise in a article and the rest is history. Associate Editor Danielle Abbazia talks to Meagan and Scott Holcomb who realized their dream of Italy by moving to this tiny southern Italian region to start Molise Italian Studies, with learning programs devoted to intercultural competence and a unique adult study abroad.

Dream Day in Italy: Taste Porchetta in Ariccia
Ariccia, 35 minutes by train from Rome in the Castelli Romani, is known for its architectural works by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and the historic palazzo-turned-art-museum of the noble Chigi family. But the main attraction is their dreamy roasted pork called porchetta.

Cafe Sospesso
The caffè sospeso came into practice in Naples more than a century ago as a kind gesture towards the down-and-out, but fell out of practice during Italy’s post-World War II economic boom. In recent years, the tradition got popular again and has spread to cafes worldwide.

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