October/November 2022 – Plan A Sabbatical in Italy, Real Umbria, Negroni Sbagliato

How to Plan an Extended Stay or Sabbatical in Italy
So many of us are looking for more Italy in our lives. We map out what to think about as you plan a stay up to 90 days in Italy whether you want to stay in one place or change locations. We start with step-by-step directions on how to put a plan into motion and what to consider. Plus we make a  taking the kids and dog too.

Resources and Ideas: Adult Study Abroad in Italy and More
This is an exciting time when many companies and organizations are providing organized ways to spend an extended stay in Italy from Temple University’s Adult Study Abroad in Rome to Road Scholar’s Living and Learning in Florence among other co-working and culture programs we found. We also detail how to attend language school in Italy and how that can translate into a visa to work and live there for a longer period.

Sabbatical Spotlight: The Henzes Adventure Around the Italian Boot
We profile a couple who spent seven months exploring Italy by focusing on their personal interests, especially looking for unique agriturismi and “following the sun.” They share overall strategies and specific suggestions for South Tyrol, Florence, Piedmont and other locations.

A Slice of Real Life in Umbria with Kaila and Ludo Terraneo
This American-Italian couple were inspired by tragedy to make their “dream of Italy” come true at a younger age than they expected by building a brand and charming place to stay devoted to what is real and most authentic in their corner of Umbria.

Umbria: A Visit to Poggio Belvedere by Vero
For a rejuvenating stay away from it all in a less-visited corner of Umbria, you can’t beat Poggio Belvedere. The experience comes completely with breathtaking vineyard views and Daisy the donkey.

Dream Day in Italy: Aquilea in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Aquilea is home to one of the most complete, unexcavated Roman sites in Europe and, despite being showered with UNESCO World Heritage site status in 1998, is one of the continent’s least known and least visited vestiges of the Roman Empire.

Drink Recipe: Negroni Sbagliato
Negroni purists may disagree but this version that came about as a mistake by a bartender in Milan in the 1960s is all the rage these days. Try it at your holiday gathering!

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