Nominate Your Favorite Italian Vacation Rentals

When my friend Madonna Finney (yes, that’s her name, combining my two favorite things – including the name of my dog Finney) and her husband shared a link to the Airbnb in Florence where they stayed this fall, I thought to myself, my gosh there are so many great vacation rentals in Italy that I don’t know about!! So now I am on a quest, which will be an upcoming Dream of Italy article, to uncover some of the best vacation rentals in all the land. I need YOUR help!

Nominate your favorite villa or apartment rental (you can’t have a financial interest) and if we select it, you will get a box of Dream of Italy goodies and a membership ($150+ value). YOU decide what makes the rental worth sharing…Is it a great deal price wise? Perfect for a family trip? Oozing with history? Or just unlike anything you’ve experienced in your life? Fill out this short form and I may be in touch to talk to you. Deadline is  January 31, 2023. Can’t wait to share this exclusive list of rentals with you! — Kathy McCabe