June/July 2022: Cool Ways to Learn Italian, Joys of Italian Opera, Garden Cooking

Enhance Your Italian Language Skills with These Resources
Opportunities to learn Italian are everywhere from virtual lessons online with a teacher in Italy to interactive apps to all kinds of creative YouTube channels. We detail 20 of our favorite resources from a subscription streaming service (with news, sports, drama) to a podcast on the ins and outs of Italian linguistics to homestay language vacations! Many of our resources are free to be sure to try some of them out. 

Garden to Table: Florence’s New Cooking School
Culinary maven Judy Witts Francini aka Divina Cucina is our go-to for anything new and exciting in the food world, especially in Florence. She checks out a new cooking school set in a garden that uses the vegetables and herbs just outside the door to inspire easy Tuscan dishes that you can learn and make at home.
Plus: Recommended Restaurants with Their Own Gardens/Farms (in Emilia-Romagna, Campania, Puglia)
Plus: Recipe for Cavatelli with Saffron, Zucchini and Zucchini Blossoms

The Joys of Italian Opera
Our favorite Renaissance man, Fred Plotkin, is back to share the quintessential Italian experience in the place of its birth: opera! Fred takes us through the origins (Florence, 1597) and golden age of opera, the proper etiquette for attending opera in Italy and which opera houses and festivals are musts throughout the boot. Absolutely add an opera to your next Italy itinerary — and use Fred’s article as a guide! 

Dream Day in Italy: Beconcini Vineyard in Tuscany
Sure there are plenty of vineyards in Tuscany to visit so why go to Beconicini? Well, there are some things that make this land and the wine produced here unique in all the land including the Spanish Tempranillo (pre-phylloxera no less!) grapes that grow here. Sommelier Christian Galliani reveals why this place is MUST on your Tuscan wine-tasting itinerary!

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