New Adler Resort and Spa Opens in Sicily

I’m a huge fan of Adler Resorts, now run by the 6th generation of this German family. Hotel Adler Thermae nestled in Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia is one of my favorite hotels in all of Italy.  Adler’s properties in the Dolomite property have long been on my bucket list.  Now the family is opening Adler Spa Resort Sicilia this month. The Adlers have a knack for marrying location, scenery, relaxation, wellness and luxury. It is a winning combination as their new resort, on Sicily’s western coast, not far from Agrigento,  is already fully booked through September 2022.

Adler is famous for its spa experiences and this time the ocean is the setting. There are three pools here including a saltwater hydromassage pool, a Thalasso pool and a long sports pool overlooking the sea. The use of water for wellbeing has ancient roots and many modern benefits. By harnessing the purifying qualities of water, it is possible to re-balance your energy. There are also three Swedish saunas, a full spa with 15 treatment cabins, yoga platform and more. Adler is also well-known for their cuisine so dining on fresh Sicilian delicacies is definitely a major part of the experience here.

I think the toughest choice at Adler Spa Resort Sicilia will be whether to spend all of your time at the resort or to venture out to take in treasures of this part of Sicily. Smart guests should plan enough time to do both. The resort is close to Sicily’s Valley of the Temples and nearby Agrigento is home to the stunning remains of five Greek temples and the remains of the ancient city of Akragas.

The motto of the Adler brand is “Let your soul fly.” Well, I will be flying to Sicily as soon as I can!

— Kathy McCabe