Join Us Live From Cortona Aug. 25th – Dream of Italy Book Club!

In Jennifer Criswell’s debut memoir, At Least You’re in Tuscany, we learned that seeking citizenship and creating a new life in Italy with little in the way of funds can bring an alternate reality than what may be portrayed in the movies but none of it deterred her. Almost a decade later, Well Seasoned in Tuscany provides us with the rest of her story in pursuit of the sweet life.

Springtime hunts for wild asparagus, summer weddings, fall olive harvesting, and winter cooking lessons take center stage as Criswell brings us a delectable taste of the seasons and a memoir that transports us back to Montepulciano and her ongoing Tuscan adventure. She explores the rhythms of life in the small hill town and we learn more of the friendships she forged.

The missteps are still there, as is the humor, as we follow Jennifer’s work at a local vineyard, a glimpse into the town’s traditions and, of course, the food. Learning Tuscan recipes from her friend and neighbor prove to be so much more than cooking.

Dream of Italy’s Kathy McCabe and Jennifer Criswell will be together LIVE from Cortona Tuscany on August 25th at 12:3o pm ET to host this book club meeting! RSVP here.  Get your copy of Well Seasoned in Tuscany and your copy of At Least You’re in Tuscany!