April/May 2021: New TV Special

Join Me As We Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive
It has taken several years and a pandemic thrown in the mix but I am thrilled to announce Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive will be premiering in June. This new special shares that Italy is much more than just a trip, but also a chance to transform our lives and thrive. I visit with celebrities (including Sting and Trudie Styler) and non-celebrities who are living their dreams of Italy. They also help shed light on the 11 essentials of Italian life. Here’s an inside look on what you will be seeing on screen.

Rediscovering My Grandmother’s Recipes For Ravioli and Cheesecake
To complete this TV special I needed to find photos of all the women in my family to show on screen. While doing this I discovered some of my grandmother’s recipes which I am sharing with you in this issue (along with a funny story about them), as well as in the recipe booklet that is one of the exclusive gifts you receive when you donate to your local television station while watching the Dream of Italy Pledge Special. These recipes are included in the article.

Kathy’s Irresistible Invitation to Italy By Frances Mayes
To have such kind words written about you by the poetic icon Frances Mayes is an otherworldly experience. Not only does Frances join me on screen in the upcoming special, she has also written the foreword to  the companion book I have authored. Enjoy this exclusive read of Frances’ foreword!

Dreaming of Italy Through Atmospheric Paintings
Actor Joe Mantegna joins me to co-host the pledge breaks for the upcoming special but because of the pandemic we had to film these virtually in private homes. I wanted an Italian theme to the art on both sets and took to social media to seek out artists. This is how I connected with Liz Mayo and William McCarthy who both use the inspiration of Italy’s landscapes for their atmospheric style paintings.

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