February/March 2021: Italian Dreams Come True

Special issue on people who made their “dream of Italy” come true in Italia and back home.

Becky Munson: A Dream to Live Tuscan
While Becky always loved Italy, she didn’t know she had a burning dream of Italy until she was struck by an idea on a visit to Tuscany. Becky has sage advice for anyone who wants to make their dreams come true.

The Bartners: A New Life on The Farm
This young couple fell in love with Italy on their honeymoon and traded city life for owning an agriturismo in Le Marche, where they have lived for 14 years.

John Henderson: Retiring in The Eternal City
John dreamed of retiring in Rome and can’t imagine why more Americans wouldn’t want to reap the benefits of living in Italy in their later days. He shares how he made it happen and advice for others.

Susan Gravely: Bringing Italian Craftsmanship Home
Susan’s first trip to Italy nearly 40 years was filled with serendipity leading her start a business that brings the Italian lifestyle into the everyday life of Americans.

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