December 2020/January 2021: Italy Is The Answer

Italy Is the Answer
Warmth. Connection. Beauty. Escape. Do any of those words evoke images of Italy in your mind? They do for Kathy McCabe, especially amid pandemic-related travel restrictions, when dreaming of Italy is especially bittersweet. Kathy reflects on the life experiences, big and small, that keep her coming back to Italy — and shares why Italy is, as always, the answer.

Basilicata Enchants with Unusual Experiences
In the instep of Italy’s “boot” is a lesser-known mountainous and hilly region where trees get married and Amaro Lucano, the native digestivo, is celebrated. Valerie Fortney, a Basilicata local, shares an excerpt from her new book detailing the tree-marriage ceremony, her quest to find her genealogical roots here and the local drink that helps with digestion.

Polenta: A Poor Food that Endures
Once a ubiquitous dish among farmers in rural Umbria, polenta has fallen out of favor. Letizia Mattiacci reveals why, along with polenta’s history, types and proper cooking methods for a modern take on the cornmeal porridge. (Yes, it matters which type of cornmeal you use to make polenta!)

Recipe: Polenta and Sausages
Learn how to cook polenta from scratch for a creamy, flavorful Italian dish.

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