October/November 2020: Photographing Italy, Emilia-Romagna’s Daily Bread

This is our first issue in our new magazine design!

Photographing Italy: Seven Expert Tips
Professional photographer Jeff Curto, who lives part-time in Cortona, shares simple yet powerful ways to make your photos shine whether you are taking them via iPhone or a camera. Jeff shares tips specific to the most photogenic place we know: Italy!

Glamour, Gourmet Food and Gunfire?
Picture an Italy on high alert. Dread isn’t quite what’s afoot, exactly, but in the major cities—Milan and Rome, in particular—people look suspect. Bodies are quick to stiffen in public spaces. Sirens cry late into the night; carabinieri eyes linger on residents a little bit longer than they’re accustomed to or comfortable with. And glitzy, expensive restaurants with densely seated clients don’t exactly feel like the safest places to gather.  No, not 2020 but a fascinating time in recent Italian history…

Piadina: Emilia-Romagna’s Daily Bread
Piadina, at least in its homeland of Emilia-Romagna, is less a flatbread than an ubiquitous utensil, present at any party table, any antipasto spread, worth their salt. Strictly for illustrative purposes, the closest approximation found in your standard US supermarket is a tortilla (a comparison that would enrage that imagined romagnolo of my introduction). Learn more about its history and usefulness.

Recipe: Piadina
A simple recipe to make Emilia-Romagna’s daily bread at home.


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