August/September 2020: Pantelleria, Da Vinci’s Portraits, Prato

Pantelleria: Unspoiled Paradise 
Pantelleria has been described as “The Mediterranean’s Last Great Unspoiled Destination,” “Italy’s Anti-Capri” and “Italy’s Most Fantastically Awesome Island You Didn’t Know About.” We explore this unique and unspoiled ultimate island getaway that lies between Sicily and Tunisia.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Portraits
While a young Leonardo da Vinci was learning from Andrea del Verrocchio, painters were busy depicting upstanding women in profile. In these portraits, the point was not to reveal anything about the woman’s personality, but rather to showcase the wealth of her husband or father. But  da Vinci saw things differently. Along the way, he made us see women of the Italian Renaissance in ways they had never
been seen before. Art historian Dr. Laura Morelli explores this…

About The Night Portrait
The above article was inspired by  an exciting, dual-timeline historical novel by Dr. Laura Morelli about the creation of one of Leonardo da
Vinci’s most famous paintings, Portrait of a Lady with an Ermine, and the woman who fought to save it from Nazi destruction during
World War II.

Give Prato A Go
Find out why your next trip to Tuscany needs to include the city of Prato – home to Italy’s textile industry and a burgeoning Chinese population. You will find a treasure trove of contemporary art as well as culinary adventures that have made Prato one of Italy’s leading Slow Food cities. Andiamo!

Share Your Italian Dreams
An ode to Sicilian eggplant and a dreamy must-visit Tuscan guest house.

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