April/May 2020 – Special Report: Capri

As the world faces a great challenge, we wanted to take you a dreamy and beautiful place – Capri – thanks to our guest editor Laura Thayer. We usually publish two combined issues per year and this is one of them.

Capri: A Place of Dreams
If everything ever written about Capri could be put together, one theme would emerge. Dreams. While Rome intrigues, Florence marvels, and Venice enchants, there is something about Capri that lends itself quite naturally to dreaming. For some it is the tantalizingly blue sea and natural beauty of its gardens, sheer cliffs and soaring mountains.

Find Your Fashion Inspo on Capri
Capri is synonymous with fashion and style. At the heart of the island’s design sense is simplicity, comfort and a look that is relaxed and often colorful. In the 1950s, this refreshing sensibility and la dolce vita style appealed to jet set travelers — from movie stars to aristocracy — who came to Capri for Mediterranean holidays. Here’s where to buy the classic Capri pieces that will enhance your wardrobe. 

Capri Lodging: Find Your Mediterranean Bliss
Whether you decide to stay in Capri Town or Anacapri, the level of quality and service is quite high across the board and most accommodations feature hand-painted ceramic tiles, décor that complements the Mediterranean colors, and views to dream about long after your stay.

Where to Dine, Caprese-Style
Capri has a way of making everything taste better. Whether you’re dining on fresh seafood by the sea or tucking into traditional Ravioli Caprese in a family-run restaurant or just savoring a Spritz at sunset with a view, Capri’s beauty adds something extra. One thing you’ll also notice wherever you’re dining is that Capri cooking is above all quite simple.

A Simple. Delicious Recipe From Capri
Two of our favorite restaurateurs share their family recipe for eggplant or zucchini parmesan. Capri cuisine is all about simple ingredients.

Quiet Corners of Capri
While Capri is noted for the crowds of travelers it attracts, one thing you will rarely hear about is how many quiet spots there are on the island. Yes, quiet and we can tell you where to find them from gardens, to private villas to an “aerial” way to see the island. 

Diving Into Capri’s Deep Blue Sea
If there’s one thing about Capri that inspires travel dreams, it’s the island’s tempting sea. Capri’s rocky beaches make up in dramatic beauty what they lack in comfort. To help, there are beach clubs that offer a variety of options plus some other fun seagoing options. 

The Story of A Little, Lucky Bell
The legend of the bell of San Michele (Saint Michael) holds a storied place in the history of Capri. And one of these bells might just be a big reason Dream of Italy founder Kathy McCabe is here on Earth today.

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