December 2019/January 2020- Trento Farm Stays, Turin Vermouth

Agriturismi Around Trento
We travel to the far northeastern corner of Italy- Trentino – and discover it is a completely different place than the rest of the country. Located just two hours south of Austria this region is defined by its landscapes: the jagged peaks of the Dolomites, the blue waters of Lake Garda, and the tiny mountainside farms producing fruits, vegetables and wine grapes. 

The Torinese Truth on Vermouth
While most people associate aperitivo with the more famous Aperol Spritz, it’s really the Piedmont-born liquor, vermouth, that helped give rise to the Italian-style happy hour ritual. While vermouth can conjure up a number of variations, from sweet and red to white and dry, the original- known as vermouth di Torinese – is its own sweet potion complete with geographical protection and an association aimed at promoting it.

Bicerin: Chocolate Heaven
If you need no other reason to head to Torino and there are too many, as it is one of our favorite cities. Bicerin is believed to have grown out of the 18th century bavareisa beverage, made of coffee, chocolate and milky cream, and typically served in round, clear, and relatively small drinking glasses.

News, Tips, Deals and Events
The new year brings many new events, deals and tips to help you start planning that dream Italian vacation. We discover a green oasis restored in the heart of Venice, a WWII Resistance Museum planned for Milan and the reopening of a beautiful Florence Market. Plus, a Geography Museum in Padua and a new luggage service in Rome that will ease your stress and worry about transporting bags and leave you more time to explore!

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