November 2019 – What’s New in Italy in 2020, Visit Livorno

What’s New in Italy in 2020
A new year brings celebration and renewal, and especially so in Italy, whose calendar in 2020 is chock full of new events to commemorate, participate in and experience. Like the country itself, next year’s agenda will delight every type of Italophile.

  • 500th Anniversary of Raphael’s Death
  • UNESCO-Preserved Prosecco
  • Parma: Capital of Culture
  • Venice Tourist Tax Takes Effect
  • Plautilla Nelli Restoration
  • Federico Fellini’s 100th Birthday
  • Royal Life in Naples Unveiled

Livorno: Grit and Elegance Worth a Visit
You won’t see the Tuscan port city of Livorno topping many “best of Italy” lists—and that might be precisely why it’s worth visiting.

  • Meeting Modigliani
  • Terrace & Aquarium
  • Market Meandering
  • Foodie Heaven
  • Cruising the Canals

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