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It’s November and the olive harvest is well underway across Italy. Lovers of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil celebrate this season as they enjoy the new oil for themselves and celebrate the holiday season with gifts of this amazing elixir. We are pleased to introduce one of our Dream of Italy: Tuscan Sun Special sponsors, olio2go.

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olio2go has been importing Italy’s Finest Olive Oil for 20 years, and they are experts in locating the best olive oils from artisan producers throughout Italy.

At olio2go they work with 50 estates throughout Italy, where family members bring varied skills to the process. Skilled agronomists, master millers, and distinguished tasters work together to bring out the best of the olives and craft the perfect oil for each bottle.

The olive harvest generally follows the grape harvest and the groves are filled with workers skillfully raking olives from the trees to nets below. Those olives are quickly dispatched to the mill, where within hours, the artisans extract the nectar—the olive juice, the extra virgin olive oil—in exacting conditions.

The large Nocellara del Belice of Sicily, the plump Moraiolo of Coastal Tuscany, the delicate Taggiasca of Liguria — indeed olives throughout Italy — are tended and monitored throughout the growing season. Olive farmers, like farmers everywhere, are concerned with the impact of weather conditions affecting the yield of olives.

The harvest and crushing are the highlight of the season. Truly, the fruits of their efforts are bottled with delight.

The new harvest olive oil, whether called Novello or Olio Nuovo, is celebrated by olive oil lovers everywhere. This lush new oil is noted for vibrant color and amazing flavor, with notes of grass, herbs, spicy, and pepper — and, of course, olives along with a range of flavor characteristics determined by cultivar and terroir.

Novello is enjoyed generously with pinzimonio (fresh vegetable crudités), pasta, pizza, and of course, with bread. Visit olio2go to make your purchase of astounding, fresh Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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