Introducing LivItaly Tours

Our TV series relies on underwriters to make our programming possible. A very special thank you to LivItaly Tours for supporting the new Dream of Italy: Tuscan Sun Special on PBS. This family owned business strives to share their love and passion for Italy by providing private and small group tours of maximum 6 people per tour to create an intimate and personalized experience each and every time.

They offer 150+ tours throughout all of Italy, with expert guides who will help you fall in love with Italy! 

The LivItaly Family began in 2009, when world-renowned Italian tour guide and classically trained opera singer Angelo meets Swedish logistics expert Kristin in Rome (ask them about how they met!). They fell in love and decided to venture even further into the tourism business to share their love for the country that brought them together.  Add a beloved Dog to the mix (Doris), and a two sweet babies (Nicolas &  Sofia), and you’ve met the Livitaly family.

After years of touring for other companies, they knew there was more to experiencing Italy than through a headset and a group of 20 fellow tourists following a raised umbrella, diluting the experience of his beloved country. They also knew that planning the perfect vacation meant juggling endless logistics and hitting the right balance of classic must-see sites and personalized adventures, where time for a cappuccino in a piazza, an aperitivo at a local winery, and a Ferrari tour with the kids required smart-planning ahead of time.

Livitaly was founded to turn the traditional tour-guided model on its head, which is why the limit for each tour is 6 guests, no headsets are ever used, and only the best tour-guides are hand-picked.

LivItaly offers both private and small group Tours. They are dedicated to sustainable tourism which is why all of their group tours have a maximum capacity of 6 people per tour.

This means no big polluting buses, no littering papers and headsets, no impersonal ‘anonymous-umbrella-following’ trips, and an all-around more intimate and local experience for the traveler, allowing you to feel personally connected to the sites you visit.


Book any LivItaly or LivSpain tour and get 10% off your entire purchase when you use the coupon code LIVITALYDREAM at checkout!

They offer tours in every major Italian city! With over 150+ tours and experiences to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Venice Tours

Enjoy a trip to the Doge’s Palace, a gondola ride in the canal, a walk through the famous square of St. Mark’s, or a tour of the many popular nearby islands. Book a small group or private tour and enjoy one of the most breathtaking cities in Italy!


Rome Tours

The Eternal City of Rome attracts travelers from all around the world thanks to its prestigious art, 2000-year old history and stunning landmarks. Book a LivItaly Tours small group or private tour to see the best of Rome. Skip-the-line Colosseum, Vatican Secret Rooms, Walking Tours of Rome, Cooking Classes. 50+ tours & experiences in Rome!


Pompeii Tours

Enjoy the intimacy of a Pompeii small group tour (with no more than 6 people maximum per group) or the tailored luxury of a private Pompeii tour and learn about that fateful day when Mt. Vesuvius erupted, suspending time for over 2000 years. This a archaeological site worth a visit if you are a history lover!


Florence Tours

Choose from our selection of Florence Tours and see the work of master artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael and plenty more. LivItaly Tours offers small group and private tours. Skip-the-line access to museums.



Thank you again to LivItaly for their support!